Coffee Club Subsciption


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Emy J's Coffee Club is a subscription that will deliver our in-house brewed coffee to your door step! You will have a choice of the roast (or be surprised with our monthly box) and how often you get coffee delivered. The selection will last for a whole calendar year. 

Coffee will be distributed every Monday. If within 5 miles of Emy Js it will be delivered the same day. 

Sign up today to take advantage of this great and unique offer! 


Once selected, it will run for the rest of the calendar year, unless cancelled. 

12 month

Weekly $28 (per week)

Bi-Weekly $25 (per bi-week)

Monthly $21 (per month)

*Shipping, processing, and handling is included in this price.


Our Blends

You will have the choice between these blends. And you will get 2 8 ounce bags each time. You can however, pick the same two if you so choose. 

We combine three coffee origins to create this full flavored but mild blend. A sure bet for all coffee drinkers. 
Mexican Chiapas
This Mexican coffee brews into an exceptional cup of light-medium roast coffee with winy noted, high acidity, hints of nuts or citrus flavors, and a wonderful aroma. 
Pointer Blend
We use a blend of three single origin coffees from Indonesia, Central America, and Africa. A smooth, light, and fill bodied taste that is sure to please. 
This gourmet coffee is widely known for its full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee aroma.